Orel Corporation and John Keells Research to develop antibacterial switches and sockets range

Orel Corporation and John Keells Research to develop antibacterial switches and sockets range

Orel Corporation, a leading name in electrical manufacturing, has partnered with the innovative minds at John Keells Research (JKR), the R&D and Innovation arm of the John Keells Group, to pioneer a groundbreaking range of antibacterial switches and sockets. 

As concerns about hygiene and cleanliness continue to rise in various sectors including healthcare, hospitality, and public spaces, this strategic alliance aims to introduce a new level of protection through state-of-the-art technology.

The recent surge in interest surrounding self-disinfecting surfaces has prompted Orel Corporation to team up with the expert researchers at JKR. Their joint endeavour focuses on addressing the pressing need for heightened hygiene practices, particularly in environments where the risk of bacterial transmission is high such as washrooms, hospitals, hotels, and other public spaces.

At the heart of this collaboration is a revolutionary product which has been meticulously developed and rigorously tested by the two organisations. A composite material, infused with nanotechnology-based antibacterial additive, developed by the scientists at JKR and trademarked under the name GERMSLAYTM has been successfully incorporated into a brand-new range of switches and sockets by the R&D and manufacturing experts of OREL. This advanced material has been subjected to rigorous validation by independent accredited laboratories, establishing an impressive antibacterial efficacy of 99.9%.

Central to the achievement of this collaboration is the incorporation of this innovative technology into Orel’s cover plates and switches. This breakthrough means that a selection of their products can now boast a germ-free status, offering consumers an additional layer of protection against potentially harmful pathogens. A key milestone in this collaboration was reached with the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement between the parties to bring the product to market.

Speaking about this pivotal partnership, John Keells Group President Daminda Gamlath stated: “As the R&D and innovation arm of the John Keells Group, creating value through innovation is a core mandate for John Keells Research. This project is an ideal example where the John Keells Research team has worked closely with Sri Lanka’s premier electrical manufacturer, OREL Corporation, in order to deliver the technology behind an innovative product which is set to enter the market in the near future. 

“This is a significant achievement and also a testament to the possibilities that can be unlocked through strategic collaborations between organisations which is more important than ever given the current economic conditions.”

“In today’s highly volatile, ambiguous macro environment, collaboration is the winning formula to gain quantum leaps in the business. We truly believe that we have found the most appropriate research partner which shares the same DNA as us for continuous innovation. By joining hands with a top-notch conglomerate in the country, we are certain that with this specialty switch and socket range, we should be able to carve a sizable niche in the market,” added OREL Corporation CEO Sanath Wijetunge.

The collaboration between Orel Corporation and John Keells Research represents not only a technological milestone but also underscores the power of partnerships in driving innovation. As the world continues to grapple with health and safety concerns, this pioneering venture sets a new standard for ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in everyday environments. With their sights set on the imminent market introduction of the antibacterial switches and sockets range, both Orel Corporation and John Keells Research are poised to make a lasting impact on the realms of electrical manufacturing and public health.

Source: DailyFT