About JKR

John Keells Research is the R&D and innovation arm of John Keells Group. We focus on composites, energy storage, biomaterials and mechatronics.


We thrive on conceptualizing ideas to its implementation in our labs.


We strive to offer the best R&D solution that you need.


We act with resolute honesty and integrity in everything we do.


We build trust through professionalism and long-term partnerships.


We care about the well-being of society and the planet.


This is not just our job: This is our passion and career! We invent what we imagine; no limits! We are a multidisciplinary team on a journey together. We pursue our big ideas with a strong commitment to achieving collective goals. We have open doors, open spaces, and open discussions but the lab doors stay closed! We are fun and friendly. There is a method to our madness and our organized mess. We finish what we start and we do it right! We think differently and we believe that “weird” is definitely the new cool. We question everything and never stop learning. We believe that there is always a better way of doing things. It just hasn’t been invented yet.

Our Milestones


John Keells research (JKR) entered into its first technology License agreement with 4ever skin naturals (PVT) Ltd to commercialize JKR’ s proprietary SilmeticTM technology. The technology will be exclusively utilized by 4EVER to develop a range of antibacterial skin care products.


JKR relocated its offices and laboratories from the Technology Incubation Centre to the second hexagon of the Nanotechnology and Science Park. The new facility will enhance JKR’s capabilities in conducting commercially viable projects in the core areas of composites, energy storage, Biomaterials and mechatronics.


Organised interactive sessions as part of its forum titled ‘Innowave @ Techcity’, with the participation of Lee Bazalgette, Founder/Director of the Colombo Design Studio and Giordano Dichter from H&D Partners in Belgium.


Designed and fabricated a multispectral camera, which complements its existing drone and artificial intelligence-based multispectral image analysis project on inspecting infrastructure.


JKR completed the development of a natural rubber-graphite composite with enhanced thermal conductivity and a shorter curing time with potential for use in products such as solid rubber tires.

Meet the team

Our multidisciplinary team includes chemists, material scientists, biotechnologists, microbiologists, chemical engineers, materials engineers, electronic and communication engineers, mechatronic engineers, Intellectual property and business development professionals.


Our Past Collaborators