Our Team


Roshani Edirisinghe

Manager – Biotechnology - Research Scientist

With an MPhil Degree in Microbiology and a BSc in Biotechnology coupled with many years of hands-on experience as microbiologist, Roshani heads the biotechnology and biomaterials team at JKR. While coordinating the biology projects, her role at JKR has further diversified into the areas of financial and procurement management.


Ovinee Wadasinghe

Assistant Manager - Intellectual property & Business Development

With background in Chemical and Process Engineering and an extensive knowledge base in intellectual property management, Ovinee oversees the IP management and information security processes at JKR while recommending avenues for commercializing JKR technologies. She oversees the commercialization and tech transfer of R&D projects by creating a platform conducive for knowledge transfer.


Chamali Malaarachchi

Assistant Manager - Research Scientist

Having specialized in chemistry with an MSc in Nanotechnology (reading) and many years of experience in R&D, Chamali coordinates and manages the research conducted at the chemistry lab of JKR. She is responsible for linking the projects related to nanotechnology, nanocomposites, graphene-related materials and energy storage with the business team.


Lakna Wijesinghe

Senior Executive - Research Scientist

While reading for her MSc. in Food Science and Technology with a background in Biotechnology, Lakna’s projects are at the Bio lab of JKR where she diligently focuses on innovations related to plant tissue culture, microbiology, molecular biology, and food science.


Sewwandi Rasanganie

Senior Executive - Research Scientist

Having specialized in Chemistry, Sewwandi contributes to the innovations in the Chemistry lab where she researches on nano-enabled cosmetics, biopolymer applications, nanocomposites related to graphene-related materials, and sustainable green methods of synthesis.


Shehani Efrem

Executive - Research Scientist

With a firm background in biotechnology, Shehani contributes to the developments in the Biology lab of JKR where her meticulous work is focused on plant tissue culture, microbiology and molecular biology, food science and biotechnology.


Sudesh Dias

Executive - Business Development

Having a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Chemical Engineering with Enviornmental Engineering, Sudesh is focused on technology transfer and commercialization of ready to go technologies at JKR into the market while identifying new requirements to be solved through novel methods by JKR engineers and scientist. He plays a project management role and oversee digital marketing and social media presence at JKR.


Akitha Ekanayaka

Executive - Research Engineer

With a background in Mechanical Engineering and having specialized in Mechatronic Engineering, Akitha’s contribution is at the Makerspace lab where he is engaged in the development of energy harvesting technologies, designing of mechanical systems and electronic circuits.


Kumudu Madhushani

Executive - Research Engineer

With a background in Materials Science Engineering and Entrepreneurship, Madhushani is based at the chemistry lab where her research centres on rubber and latex compositions. Her interests include sustainable research and product development and material chemistry.


Nethma Dissanayake

Executive - Research Scientist

With a background in Materials Science and Technology, Nethma works in the chemistry team where she focuses on innovative supercapacitor material. Her interests include smart materials, nanotechnology, energy storage materials and green technology


Lakshani Prathibha

Executive - Research Scientist

Having specialized in chemistry with an MSc in Industrial Analytical Chemistry (reading), Prathibha works on novel optimization methods for graphene oxide in the chemistry lab of JKR. She is also interested in research related to polymer science, bio gas and organic fertilizer.


Kavindya Thilakarathna

Executive – Research Scientist 

Joining our chemistry team with a background in Science and Technology with a specialization in materials and working on nanotechnology, nano-enabled cosmetics and nanocomposites. She also engages in multitude of extra-curricular activities which includes photography, travelling, taekwondo music and a devoted Zoophilitst. 

San – edit

Sanduni Gunaratne

Executive – Research Engineer

One of the latest additions to our Makerspace team with a background in engineering with BSc (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Her research areas include Electronic and automated systems, control systems and IOT with expertise in machine learning, programming and renewable power. 

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Danuka Kushan

Executive – Research Engineer

Another latest addition to our Makerspace team with a background in engineering with BSc Engineering (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering. His research areas include mechatronic systems, embedded designs and IOT with expertise in robotics and system automation.