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Close up of a super-capacitors

Patented technology/Graphene- collagen - Super capacitor

Supercapacitors are energy storage devices that combine the properties of capacitors and batteries which can be used in applications requiring rapid charge-discharge cycles. Achieving higher specific energy, specific power, reduced internal resistance and cost are some of the main focuses in the current research. One approach is to enhance the performance based on electrode material. JKR has successfully developed an electrode coating material with higher specific surface area and increased conductivity using a low-cost graphene composite material which can improve overall device performance.

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Windmills in a landfill

Waste to energy Technology

About 55% of the Sri Lankan municipal solid waste (MSW) comprises of organic waste. Most of it ends up in landfills without any utilization and causes many environmental problems such as the release of leachate, odour, greenhouse gases, etc. JKR utilized organic waste to produce hydrochar which has a higher calorific value, lower ash content and lower moisture content compared to mined coal. This can be used as a substitute for coal. Moreover, process water is produced as a byproduct, and it has a proven potential to be used as a fertilizer.

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A female researcher working in the laboratory with test tubes

Nano-enabled cosmeceutical product

Our innovation is based on a sustainable green method of producing silver nanoparticles with excellent antibacterial activity. JKR has developed cosmetic formulations by incorporating nanosuspensions for applications such as wound healing or acne treatment. Usage of nanomaterials in cosmetics over traditional ingredients ensures the efficient penetration of active ingredients into the skin, long lasting effect along with the added advantage of having to use only a minimal quantity of the cosmetic.

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close up of handling a multi-spectral camera

A Multispectral Camera

JKR has developed a multispectral camera capable of capturing images in the wavelength range of 330nm – 1100nm. The camera unit contains an embedded computing device capable of controlling the aperture, focus, filters, and capable of running image processing without the need for an external computer. It allows wireless connectivity and has a small form factor. The images can be used to identify features or abnormalities of an object or a structure.

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A female and a male researcher working on the energy harvesting switch

An Energy Harvesting Switch

JKR has developed a mechanical self-powered switch that transmits a signal to a receiver wired between power and a bulb/device to perform the on/off function. Our technology has superior features to conventional electrical switches. By introducing our technology, the overall switch installation cost including the cost of wires, planning, installation, repair, and maintenance cost could be reduced. The technology provides flexibility in operating the appliance by allowing the user to perform on/off functions from anywhere within the signal transmitting range.

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