Empowering a smart future

Electronics are currently being subjected to dynamic changes as a result of current technology advancements. All industries including service industries such as healthcare, retail, and transportation are adopting smart technologies. This trend has extended to homes too. The aim is to not only streamline conventional tasks and free up time but also to minimise the risks and complications associated with electronics.

Smartphones and home automation are the most popular smart technologies in the world: In fact, ordinary domestic appliances are enabled with smart technologies to allow remote operation and simultaneous linking, allowing home owners to benefit from more efficient technology.

Smart embedded systems form the key component in enabling intelligence in electronic products. Computer system design and related services have an average growth rate of 18%, becoming the number one fastest growing industry.

We have developed a technology for harvesting the mechanical energy of a press to generate signals and communicate with an appliance to control it wirelessly. Incorporating this technology, JKR has developed a prototype of a self-powered RF electric switch enabling remotely controlling a light bulb. In addition, we have developed a multispectral camera with an in-built computer to process and identify defects and abnormalities of windmills. This technology can be further optimized to identify defects in other objects and materials in the future.